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Dell Still Might Have a Secret Smartphone Project...The Sexiest Clock Ever Made...A Gun Is Not a Toy (Except Sometimes)...An Anatomically Correct Space Invader...

Memo to Dell VP Ron Garriques: Quit teasing about your dumb smartphone. We get it, you came from Motorola, so you have to prove you know how to make phones. But it's either going to be a reskinned WinMo or Android handset built off a platform invented in Taiwan by a company that's already building the same phone for someone else. Did that sound cynical? OK, then prove me wrong, by unveiling instead of hedging. [Engadget]

The Swiss may have perfected the mechanical watch, but the French figured out how to skip the gadget approach entirely, and do it using mostly naked people instead. A French photographer recently created this living, heaving, sweaty clock—shown here in front and back—which forces me to ask the question: How many French models does it take to make a clock? Seven. Six to stand around and one to do the hard part. It's not funny—it's just true. [Homotography]

Why does a Dutch designer named Tomm spend time and effort to invent a wooden M-16? To teach us. You know, about deconstruction, about the duality of forms, about how play fighting is much healthier than cold-blooded killing. It's noble, Tomm, really, but if the thing doesn't shoot something (rubber bullets? t-shirts? potatoes?), we're gonna have to go back to heeding the Call of Duty. [Design Yearbook]

Caught up as I am this week with Gizmodo '79—and the gaming titles that dominated geekdom at the time—I couldn't help but give a double-take when I spotted this anatomically correct Space Invader on Google. It was drawn up by Flickr user zom-bot a few months back, and as well done as it is, it makes me wonder: If gaming had been as vivid then as it is now, would it have taken off at all? Maybe we needed to ease in with the 4-bit before we got to the geniune oozing gore. [Flickr via Secret HQ]

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