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DIY haunted greenhouse...WiMax for Vaio P? WiNot?...Bodhisattva, let me take you by the hand...More MacBook Pro hard drive mayhem...

Legend has it that, in the days following the Civil War, old glass negatives of forgotten soldiers were sold cheap to farmers to build greenhouses. As the light struck the frames, the faces of the dead would appear on the leaves of the plants and on all of the other surfaces of the interior. No one is sure if these were ever really built, but an artist and a class at Rensselaer Polytechnic did build one, using 100-year-old glass negative mugshots of crooks. In this haunted house, it's not so much the nighttime that's scary, but boy does it get creeeeeeee-py when the sun comes up. Pico-projected 12-megapixel digital mugshots of modern day criminals surely wouldn't have the same effect, but we'd have written that up for sure. [Make]

Observers have discovered a Vaio P ad that shows the semi-pocket friendly laptop with a WiMax option. That sounds nice, considering we've felt the raw power of WiMax at upwards of 12Mbps. But as a Japan-only offering, and with Clearwire/Sprint's WiMax only just now going live in its fourth US city, all it does now is make us feel the raw power of jealousy. We certainly doubt that WiMax is the big upsell for October's Super P. [Pocketables via BBG]

Recently we encountered Odin, a gold-painted Buddha phone with a virtual instant shrine; today, another Buddhist phonemaker one upped its rival with the C91, a phone that is, in effect, a Buddhist shrine. Its circular shape reminds the holder that the world is unending and ever-connected, while its dual-SIM slots represent the duality of self and other. That reminds me, did you hear what the Buddhist monk said to the hot-dog vendor? "Make me one with everything." [2dayBlog via SlipperyBrick via UberGizmo]

How's that new MacBook Pro holding up? Good? Yeah, you sprung for that 7200rpm drive, didn't you? Well be on the listen for some unpleasant clicks and beeps. People are reporting that their 7200 is acting funny, some say a result of the shock-protection system inside the drive that may well be redundant anyway. Nobody's reporting any massive data loss or machine implosions, but we didn't want you caught unawares, now that you spent all that extra money. And yeah, this is different than that other MacBook Pro drive issue. [MacNN]

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