Remainders - Things We Didn't Post

Invisible ink reappears...Mobile app tracker turns up 3rd-gen iPod Touch...UFO-shaped seating sure to upset City Hall...Porn publisher takes blame for overheated iPhones...

Remember the novelty invisible ink you could buy for like a dollar and spray at your sister? She'd bludgeon you bloody before realising the ink disappeared. (The blood tended to stain.) Well—in a story deemed too sciency for our regular posting—researchers have contrived of a new invisible ink. Made of coated gold nanoparticles, the "ink" has a special talent: It can be seen only when you shine a light at it. That's some serious spygear, isn't it? [New Scientist]

Pinch Media is a firm that anonymously tracks mobile app usage in iPhones and iPod Touches, in order to provide feedback to the app developer. A few months back, they spotted Apple's internal device ID for the iPhone 3GS (iPhone 2,1) and now, they're starting to see a new code, iPod 3,1. Everyone assumes that this is the code for the iPod Touch refresh due this fall. Unfortunately, the code tells us absolutely nothing about the presence of cameras, compasses, parabolic antennas or teeny tiny Gatling guns. [Ars Technica]

We at Gizmodo are fans of unusual seating, but we passed on this UFO-shaped outdoor seating. Despite its premise, that you should be forced to gaze skyward on your lunch breaks to gain perspective, and despite the fact that its shape was derived from a rotational extrusion of Le Corbusier's famous chaise lounge, it just wasn't unusual enough. My beef with it was simple: City planners and parks departments are in the business of buying benches with inconvenient slats and ominous spikes, in order to keep the homeless contingent from napping. How then could they buy into this? [The Design Blog]

You know those iPhone 3GSs that are apparently overheating? Well, a porn publisher called iPinkVisual claims that it is responsible, because its porn is so hot. Get it? Oh and the press release says "the company has no plans to make its porn less hot." Cuz like then nobody... Anyway, what'll they think of next, am I right? [iPinkVisual]

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