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...NASA Flashes a Full Moon...Disney Buys a Piece of Another Lifeless Rock...Move Without Moving (aka How To Get Fat Fast)...iPhone Screens Fixed at a Store Near You...

These beautiful hi-res shots of the Moon appeared after the camera on NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter started shooting two days ago. On one hand, it gives me a tingle that the Moon is once again in our sights, but on the other hand, hey, it's the damn Moon—Pink Floyd told us everything we need to know about it. ("It's all dark," for instance.) I figure we move on to some new celestial body. [Wired]

Remember Asteroids? That game with so much story, it caused JRR Tolkien's nephew Froederick to exclaim, "My uncle has been upstaged!"? Well, Disney bought—wait for it—the movie rights. Yes, there will soon be a movie of Asteroids. Why am I even bothering to tell you this? Because you will probably see the trailer first here, embedded on Gizmodo. I am not proud of that, but you know it's true. [Slashdot]

Reason Why We're Doomed #84713: Treadway motorised footwear. Yes, some designers are hard at work contriving a way to keep you from using that fine leg musculature God gave you to walk "the last mile." I for one resent this, not just because so many Americans are already so heavy they make the people in Wall-E seem fit, but because, as somebody glued to a chair all day, I relish being able to get out and walk. So hear me now: I will never wear your damned motorised shoes. Ever. Except maybe once. [Unplggd]

People who will remain nameless who broke their iPhone screen a few weeks after someone was nice enough to give them their old iPhone (you know who you are) will be relieved to know that Apple Stores are now replacing screens on location. This is not 100% confirmed, and seemed like too minimal a rumour to run as its own post, but it is good news for certain people, because it means you won't need to ship your phone off to a repair facility and wait. (Hint, hint.) [MacNN]

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