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...When It's Not OK To Steal From a Church...Best Buy Shoppers Admit This Smartphone Thing Is Soooo Confusing...Apple May Say Buh-Bye to Nvidia...Who Is America's Fastest Typist?...

Some a-holes stole 31 monitors from a driveway as they were being transported from a hospital to a church, which was to ship them to hospitals in Cameroon, Africa. After a bit of community outreach, all but two monitors mysteriously reappeared with a note: "Sorry for the trouble hope you forgive us hope those kids in Africa enjoy." What exactly does this teach our children? No friggin' clue. [Switched]

Best Buy commissioned a poll, and released the "findings" to Dealerscope: Even though only one-fifth of people in their 20s and 30s currently have a smartphone, a "sizable segment" plan to buy one in the next year. However, forces that hold them back include "price, dislike of shopping, and confusion about the technology." Obvious? Sure. Vague? Absolutely. Helpful? That's a negative. [Dealerscope]

Apparently Nvidia thinks it's got a permanent thing with Apple, but Apple's all like, "No way, I can totally see other GPU manufacturers, and what's all that about you overheating, huh?" As exciting as I tried to make it there, you can see this is not only boring news, but when it comes to sticking with Nvidia or ATI as a brand, well, now what? It just doesn't matter. [Electronista]

We don't typically run promos for contests unless they're really up our alley—and certainly not if it's just some crass promotional play like this—but something about the "America's Fastest Typist" contest notice made me think: How fast is America's fastest typist? We all use keyboards everyday, nonstop, right? This entire generation could have been Mavis Beacon all-stars 20 years ago, but someone out there is better than all of us. I will follow up, because although I absolutely don't want to know who the Tiger Woods of typing is, I do want to know how fast he/she can type. [KeyRight]

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