Remainders - Things We Didn't Post

...Michael Bay's Transformers 2 Sneak Peek...Kindle DX Pisses Off Blind Students...Sony Can Give All PS3s PS2 Emulation—But Probably Won't...Band Uses iPhone Gimmick to Get Attention (and Succeeds)...

Anyone who still hasn't seen the movie might want to skip this spoiler-riddled "preview" presented by the master of explosions, crashes, booms and more explosions himself, but it's a must see for everyone else. We didn't post it because we didn't want to give anything away. [YouTube]

Students at Arizona State University know that the college-bound Kindle DX can read texts aloud. Only trouble is, it won't read menus out loud. Good goin' there, Beez. Bottom line: Until the menus are covered by text-to-speech, the blind students are going to fight it. We'll cover it if it becomes a federal case, or if Amazon caves and hires some accessibility programmers. [ASU - The State Press]

A recently discovered Sony patent from late last year shows how the Cell processor found in all PS3s can fully emulate the Emotion Engine required to run PS2 games, so no matter what model you have, you'd be able to play any game you owned. But don't dust off your old God of War disc just yet—why would Sony wait this long to get you this particular feature, and to get you jazzed about games that by definition they can't profit from? Our verdict: Ain't gonna happen. [Siliconera via CrunchGear]

A band I've never heard of (The 88... anyone? anyone? Maybe I'm just old) decided to record an entire song using a $US10 four-track iPhone recording app called Four Track. Although technically you could probably line in a decent mic, they even used the iPhone's microphone. Studio engineers will tell you that that's not the best way to get a top-40 sound. But hell, it got them a USA Today story with photo, so bully on studio engineers. The song isn't even that bad—course, I'm listening to it on laptop speakers. [USA Today; iTunes Store link]

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