R2-Q5 USB Hub For Those Who Think R2-D2 Is Too Mainstream

I've seen the original Star Wars movies. They're fun: Lots of stuff blows up and Harrison Ford is a total badass, but that's about as much as I care. So I'm definitely not the target market for this obscure gadget.

R2-Q5, as the startlingly extensive "Wookiepedia" informs me, appeared only in Revenge of the Jedi (and two of the LEGO Star Wars games). It's pretty clearly an R2-D2 model painted black with red accents, and I can't imagine why the makers of this USB hub thought it has a been enough fanbase to deserve its own gadget. But whatever: I do not judge other nerds on their obsessions. Enjoy, Star Wars dorks. [Geeky Gadgets via Dvice]

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