Question Of The Day: Widescreen Or Tallscreen?

Apple's successful iPhone 3GS launch might mean a new video format takes over the YouTubes of the world in the near future. They're calling it "tallscreen," and I wanted to know if you gave a hoot or not.

As you can see, the medium is catching on, at least in the Twitterverse:

"The new iPhone is doing for tall-screen video what DVDs and HD did for widescreen. Sweet." - Dan Frommer, Editor, Silicon Valley Insider

Thanks to the iPhone 3GS and YouTube, our kids will laugh at our old-fashioned "widescreen" movies. "Tallscreen is way better!" - Cabel Sasser, co-founder, Panic

For the record, I prefer widescreen, if for nothing else than to adequately capture the growing waistlines of my local area American countrymen.

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