PS3 Slim In Production Now For July Shipments?

It all seems a little bit early for Ars Technica's fall release prediction, but according to the Economic Daily News, Sony has awarded two companies contracts on the PS3 Slim for shipments starting this July.

The report claims that Hon Hai won a majority of the production contract with Foxconn scoring a bit as well. But details are scarce on the new PS3, describing it only as "smaller" and "lighter."

Unless the Slim were to be released in July (or maybe August), the "early July" shipments from Economic Daily News seem way too early for the console. Sony would need to announce the Slim next week, otherwise where would they hide all the new consoles?

So either the Economic Daily News is wrong about July shipments, Ars is wrong with the "fall" release, Sony is wrong about the best way to announce a console without it leaking or we're all wrong and the PS3 isn't ready for miniaturisation. Fun stuff! [UDN via Engadget]

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