Peek Creators Have Linux Envy, Reach Out To Hackers

The point of—and in a way, problem with—Peek messaging devices is just how simple they are: their software does email, sorta, and that's it. Now Peek is reaching out to users to port Linux to the device.

But wait, doesn't the Peek already run some kind of stripped-down Linux? You'd think so, but no: it's a variant on TI's in-house Nucleus operating system, designed specifically for the OMAP processor used in the Peek. It's called "Peekux:"

TI's underlying real-time OS is Nucleus (by Mentor). Its a widely-used RTOS. TI has compiled in device drivers, and other stacks and turned it into their own platform. We then wrap it with our own proprietary GUI and network libraries to create Peekux, and then our email app sits on top of it. All of it is built together as a single image, so there is no distinct OS vs app on our device.

So that's the software situation, which Peek understandably wants to change to something a bit more versatile. In trade for a successful port, they're offering a "mini-consulting gig," the terms of which are unclear, so successful candidates may or may not be paid in piles of Peeks. [Geekypeek via BoingBoing Gadgets]

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