OWLE IPhone 3GS Video Mount Is As Practical As It Can Be

All iPhone 3GS video camera mounts are inherently a little bit silly, but if you're going to make one, you may as well do it right. In this accepting spirit, the OWLE mount looks pretty OK.

In terms of capabilities, the OWLE is actually much more impressive than the $US300 Zgrip stabiliser we saw last week, boasting a front-facing microphone, mounts for lighting equipment and a 37mm lens. Future versions could have battery packs, stereo mic support (via the dock connector) and a few other accessories, but hey, one thing at a time OWLE.

So, the elephant in the post: the OWLE looks like giant game controller, and a close examination reveals rough edges and even lumpiness—that's because, strictly speaking, the OWLE isn't in regular production yet. Its makers plan a limited release for August, and a full run at Christmas. The price? Anywhere from $US30 to $US50. Not so bad if you're dead set on shooting seriously with your iPhone. [Crunchgear]

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