One Mandatory Filter Trial ISP Only Had 15 Customers Opt In...

Like we needed more proof that Conroy's mandatory filter is a complete waste of time and money – ARN has reported that one of the ISPs involved in the trial – Nelson Bay Online – had just 15 people opt in, or about one percent of their customers. Yeah, that's a surefire way to get some useful information, right there.

Apparently many of the ISPs involved in the trial are reporting that there wasn't really any noticeable slowdown in Internet speeds. But considering the numbers, that's not really a surprise. After all, if only 15 people were to attend an event at the MCG, getting out at the end of the match would be super-fast.

ARN also quoted some statistics experts who essentially say that the results are complete BS in the eyes of science. The downside is that the government is likely to twist the results to reflect the positive aspects of the trial, and neglect the fact that there weren't actually any large numbers of people involved.

As always, keep voicing your displeasure at this intrinsically flawed Government plan to fuck up the internet.


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