Nvidia's Tegra-Based Netbook Christened "Firefly"

Nvidia seems to be shopping around a teeny netbook running the company's Tegra ARM chipset and, of all things, Windows CE. It looks very barebones, since Tegra is really meant for smartphones, and nobody seems too thrilled with it.

Tegra is a huge strength for tiny devices like the upcoming Zune HD, but in a full-sized netbook, it'll have a hard time running media or multitasking. OS is a problem too—does anybody actually like Windows CE? Maybe a Linux distro (or Chrome OS) could work, but even that's kind of pushing it. Regardless, it's rumoured to have a September release date, though of course we hardly know anything about the product and don't have any particular reason to trust that date. Come on, Nvidia, just stick the Tegra in a bunch of smartphones where it belongs! [Semi-Accurate News via Crunchgear]

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