Norwegian PM's Monitor Rig Doubles As Tanning Bed

Jens Stoltenberg, Prime Minister of Norway, laughs at your puny 3-monitor setup, and then he spites you by using only one of his eight ginormous screens to catch up on some local AP news.

But aside from this wonderful picture, there's also a huge sample of plain wonderful imagery from around Norway in this collection, which ranges from the early morning hours all the way to evening. There's even an image of our new friend Stoltenberg lounging in what appears to be a Norwegian Obi-wan Kenobi hut:

The rest is really quite awesome: Cute baby shots, to emergency rescue crews in action, to wildlife, to landscape panoramas of the countryside.

Be wary though—since many of the shots are also of healthcare situations, there are a few from the morgue showing a doctor delicately preparing a deceased elderly person for Valhalla. And yes, was just being cheeky there, as I realise that's citing Norse mythology, and implies the person died in combat—life is tough!

Nevertheless, an interesting photo set if ever there was one. Thanks for sharing, Sverre. [24 Hours In Norway]

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