No Zack Snyder Live Watchmen Screening For Australia

No Zack Snyder Live <em>Watchmen</em> Screening For Australia
watchmen__2_disc___blu_ray__3d_package_lowTruth be told, we didn’t expect that the BD-Live screening of Watchmen hosted by director Zack Snyder would ever make it here to Australia. But we’ve had confirmation from Paramount that we definitely won’t get to sit back and chat with Snyder during the community screening US owners of the Blu-ray will experience.

Perhaps more disappointing is the fact that the version on sale in Australia on July 30 isn’t actually the Director’s Cut of the film – we only get a 2-Disc special edition, which doesn’t look like it includes the “Maximum Movie Mode” we’ve seen before either.

Despite the fact that this sucks for Watchmen fans, I’d still class the film as a “must-have” Blu-ray purchase when it hits shelves in just under two weeks. And as an added bonus, it’s good to know that the complete motion comic Blu-ray will also hit shelves the same day.