Nintendo Ships 100,000 DSi Handhelds In 14 Weeks

It's official: I have absolutely no understanding of the youth of today. I've become an old man (and I'm not yet 30). Here I was thinking that the DSi was going to stumble alongside its cheaper DS Lite brethren, but instead it's flourished. Flourished. Turns out the boffins at Nintendo obviously know what they're doing, considering they've sold 100,000 DSi units in Australia since it went on sale just 14 weeks ago. Crazy!

The other thing worth noting is that that 100,000 figure represents units actually sold through to customers, not just purchased by retailers and sitting in a warehouse somewhere. So out there in Australia gadget land, 100,000 of you are playing with your DSi... Tell me, is it everything you hoped it to be?

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