Nine's Second SD Digital Channel Launching August 9

It seems like we've been waiting an age for Channel 9 to launch its second digital channel. Well, it appears the date is set, so put it in your calendars now: on August 9, 2009, you'll have access to a heap of US TV shows never before seen on Australian TV you could previously only get on Pay TV.

The channel - named Go! - will include shows like Gossip Girl, Weeds, The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Fringe, Curb Your Enthusiasm and Dog the Bounty Hunter, among others.

Excited? No, me neither. It'll be interesting to see how it performs (although the TV ratings system in this country is so fundamentally flawed it wouldn't matter) but ultimately I think I'll stick to getting my TV online or on DVD...

[MediaSpy via Lifehacker]

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