Nike+ Sportband Reviewed (Verdict: Saves Money On An IPod)

Lisa @ BBG took the long delayed Nike+ sportband (it was announced in April 2008 for an April 2008 release!) for a run. The short of it is that it does what you think it does.

The upside is that it's only $US59 and functions as a wristwatch when you're not running. It doesn't have all the features that an iPod and Nike+ combination does, and you obviously can't listen to music, but it lets you run without all that extra stuff on you.

BoingBoingGadgets doesn't say whether or not you can actually calibrate your runs, but you can use Gmaps to map out your path and use that as calibration. Not an optimal solution if you're only going to be running on treadmills.

Still, it's $US59, and if all you want to do is run, this is it. Launches Wednesday. [BBG via iPodNN]

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