MoMA Fall Preview: Buy Pricey Overdesigned Stuff, Support Art

Some of it's new, some of it's not so new, but it's all modern and paying to get it from the Museum of Modern Art means art and design won't be crushed into oblivion forever, or something like that.

Here's some of the more interesting stuff MoMa is hawking this fall on their website and in their stores starting next in late August to keep modern art funded and whatnot. Let's go on a tour.

Magno Wooden Radio by Singgih Kartono, 2005, $US250: It's a wooden radio in the shape of a cube. What's not appealing about that???

Mantle Dome Clock by Cedric Rot, 2008, $US215: You're not a designer until you make a clock that can hold someone's attention for longer than it takes to the tell the time.

Pig Lamp by Ariel Rojo, 2008, $US90: I'm sorry, if a ceramic pig with a light bulb shoved in its arse doesn't appeal to you, we can't be friends.

Light Switch Rack by Paul Koh, 2009, $US250: I like Paul Koh. Light switch hanger? Genius, just like his pop-up pencil cup.

Wooden Flashlight by Jonas Damon, 2009, $US55: Wood, hahahaha.

Oh yes, this is art. I decided not to ask.

Pop-Up Pencil Cup by Paul Koh, 2009, $US30: This seems very clever if you keep your pencils in a jar and they get stuck together.

Blackbird, Fly Camera, $US125: Your pet hipster wants this twin-lens reflex camera.

Magnetic Clock by Naori Miyazaki, 2007, $US28: Hey, guess what this does?

Hello, little bitty camera.

PizzaKobra Lamp by Ron Arad, 2007, $US1995: Wait, are you saying you don't understand why this LED lamp costs two thousand dollars? Just go to the next picture.

It folds into a pizza! But it was a Kobra. Get it??? [MoMa]

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