McDonalds Offering Free Car Charging With Your "Food"

McDonalds is planning to open "the first green restaurant" in Cary, North Carolina on July 14th complete with eco-friendly building materials and ChargePoint Networked Charging Stations for electric vehicles.

"The networked grid-friendly charging stations are a perfect complement to the many innovative green features of the restaurant," said Ric Richards, "Our customers will have a dedicated place to park and recharge their vehicles. McDonalds is enabling a better environment for future generations by supporting zero-emissions transportation infrastructure, through the use of the ChargePointSM Network.

So, it appears that McDonalds has their sights set on the all important electric car driving, morbidly obese carnivore demographic. Yeah, I don't think that "s" is necessary after the word "customer", but I'm sure that this is the start of something genuinely important in our quest for greener energy. [Novacharge via Red Ferret]

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