Man Bursts Into Flame After Being Hit With Taser

An Australian man burst into flames after a policeman hit him on the bridge of the nose with his Taser. Sound ridiculous? Not so much if you know the man was arrested on suspicion of huffing gasoline.

The man pretty immediately went up in flames, and the officer, recognising that a man becomes significantly less dangerous once he's on fire, went to the suspect's aid, patting him all over (and getting burned himself) to quell the flames. While the officer tried to help the flammable man, he was hit by rocks thrown by a young woman also on the scene, also presumably high or stupid or both. Both the man and woman, as well as two others, were charged with sniffing a prohibited substance, and the young woman was charged with throwing rocks at a policeman. [Daily Telegraph]


    What a "stupid" piece of journalism , replete with tasteless graphic of Man on Fire.

    Visit my blog for context and take a good long look at yourself.

      So why is this "stupid"?

      Because he called the woman throwing rocks at the cop trying to put the guy out "stupid"?

      Because he made a joke about a guy who was huffing petrol with a movie poster?

      Stop being so sensetive. I read your crappy blog. If this was about a white trash reject from Broadmeadows you wouldn't have a problem with it.


      Geeze Tony, you've got a bee in your bonnet about race issues. Would you have bothered to comment if the persons in question weren't Aboriginal?

      Don't think so mate.

      Its bizzare and interesting regardless of its origin so get of your high horse.

        Do you think a man would get tasered in the face in the first place if he wasn't an aboriginal in a remote community?
        It's pretty crappy that a guy gets set on fire by the police through being electrocuted and it becomes a novelty news item on a tech blog. If it happened to someone considered important it wouldn't be treated as a joke and I wouldn't be disgusted by internet tough guys telling me that this is just some objective, interesting post that can't possibly have a racial context.
        Oh, and Dan got it wrong and, surprise, has no idea about the background or ignores it as it's in the way of his awesome whacky humour; they weren't charged with "sniffing a prohibited substance", they were charged with possession of a sniffing substance - spot the subtle difference. Did you know in remote areas petrol is used as self-medication to stop hunger pains, amongst other things? Perhaps Dan should make a joke about getting cars to run on Zoloft instead.
        If Ronald Mitchell wanted to get a sympathetic look he should have invented a new fart application for the iPhone that somehow involved Lego and haptic feedback instead of getting set on fire. Then again, if you can't laugh at a cop setting an aboriginal man on fire and giving him third-degree burns to 20% of his body, what can you laugh at? It's political correctness gone mad, etc, etc.

    It seems to be a wildly disproportionate police response. Which isn't unusual in that part of Western Australia (and indeed in other parts of remote Australia).

    Based on the ABC news report, the crime alleged is petrol sniffing. An offence which has capacity to cause brain damage, sure, but only to the person self-harming.

    It seems a little odd to prevent someone self-harming by utilising a weapon. While a taser isn't lethal it does have obvious effects.

    Other local news reports indicated the alleged offender was also holding a jerry can of petrol and a cigarette lighter.

    With any luck they won't be chucking the alleged offender in the back of the van to Kalgoorlie.

      The criminal ran at the police officer with a bottle filled with petrol and a lighter.

      You'll also note that the petrol sniffing was occurring in someone else's house where there were children present. It was entirely appropriate for the police to ask the man to leave, and using a taser was also appropriate. I suggest you read the ABC story yourself.

      This was an entirely appropriate police action. Further, it's a fascinating story about using non-lethal technology to subdue a criminal with unfortunate results. It would be interesting to discover if a bullet would have ignited the petrol in a similar way.

    For those who have been desensitized by media and more curious in the actual cause vs. effect, please continue to read.

    If you wanna cry over news that can be taken out of context, try CNN.

    Note also that this was posted from the USA, not Australia..
    As a series of events it is amazing and amusing.. As a news story it's very sad.
    But to assume the police officer is "Racist" (I'm looking at you Rachel) because of his/her uniform and the area in which he/she is working is pretty poor form and ignores the circumstances under which the officer was faced.

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