Lunch Wrap: Best of Tuesday Night

I've spent the morning being interviewed by Toyota for the new Prius website. It was fun, but it meant that the Wrap sort of became a lunch thing. So here's today's lunch wrap:

Google Plans Three More Android Updates This Year, Named After Decreasingly Popular Desserts Mmm. Donuts and Flan...

Lightning Review: Panasonic Quadraphonic Turntable And GE 8-Track Receiver Wow, that's a blast from the past.

Microsoft Outlines The Rules For Windows 7 RC Upgrading And guess what? It won't be easy. Thanks, early adopters!

Apple I: The Start Of Something Huge No, that isn't a refernce to Jobs' ego.

Ballmer Goes Nuts Again, Confused As To What Type Of Venue He’s At Man, I love this guy.

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