LG's 'Time Machine' Plasma Don't Actually Travel Through Time

lg-ps80-plasmaConsidering LG launched its first HDTV with a build in hard drive years ago, I'm surprised we haven't seen other companies offering the same feature. Maybe it was just that they hadn't come up with a cool name for it, like 'Time Machine'.

There are two new ranges that feature DVR capabilities from LG: The PS70 and PS80, which will be available in 50-inch and 60-inch sizes (although only the PS70 gets the 60-inch). The main difference is that the PS80 includes a 250GB HDD, while the PS70 doesn't, instead requiring you to plug in an external hard drive of 40GB or more to actually record your content. You can add storage in the same way on the PS80 too.

Other than that, they're pretty standard FullHD plasmas – 1080p, 4 x HDMI inputs, Plug and play via USB for DivX, JPG and MP3, twin HD tuner... you get the idea. And while I would have been more impressed by an actual time machine, combining a DVR and HDTV is still interesting enough to write about...


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