LG Launches Their Own App Store Beta

lg-app-storeIf it's good enough for Apple (and Nokia, and Microsoft, and RIM, and Palm, and Android...), then it's sure as hell good enough for Lucky Goldstar! That's right, LG has just launched the beta of their very own app store for LG feature phones. Even better, the press release is full of smacktalk!

"Unlike other mobile phone online stores, LG’s intention is not to censor the type of applications that are available to our customers but only to ensure that they meet the high standards for quality and compatibility."

Oh, snap! That was Dr. Skott Ahn, CEO of LG's mobile division. So I guess it's safe to say that of the 2,000 apps they expect to launch by Christmas, we won't see any baby shaking apps?

At the moment, the app store seems limited to just Australia and Singapore LG customers, although it is in beta. You can access it either via the web here, or if you happen to own a Muppet phone LG-GM730, you can access it directly from the handset.

LG’s Own Application Store Goes Beta Live

Quality-controlled applications designed for LG feature and smart phones

Sydney, Australia, July 20, 2009 – LG Electronics (LG), a worldwide technology and design leader in mobile communications, has launched a beta version of their online application store to enhance the mobile experience of its handset users. The LG Application Store (http://www.lgapplication.com) will first be introduced in Asia with the service being expanded to 24 countries including Australia. LG expects to offer up to 2,000 applications on its site by the end of year with at least 100 programs available free of charge to LG handset users.

“As we’ve announced earlier, LG is planning to invest heavily in the smartphone market going forward, with ten smartphones being introduced this year alone” said Dr. Skott Ahn, CEO of LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company. “As the trend has shown, the appeal of smartphones is in the diversity and usefulness of the applications. Opening our own Application Store will allow us to offer the best content and applications for our devices so that LG phone owners will get the best possible ownership experience.”

To ensure that the applications available in LG’s Application Store is of the highest quality, both LG and content providers will ensure that all software undergo rigorous quality testing before they are made available for download to ensure “bug-free” operation.

“It’s important to understand that unlike other mobile phone manufacturers, LG’s Application Store is not intended to be a new or separate business model,” added Dr. Ahn. “It’s an added-value service that comes with LG’s high-end phone and smartphone ownership. And unlike other mobile phone online stores, LG’s intention is not to censor the type of applications that are available to our customers but only to ensure that they meet the high standards for quality and compatibility.”

Associated with the LG Application Store is the LG Mobile Developer Network (http://developer.lgmobile.com), a website specifically designed for third party software developers of LG mobile phones. Since its opening last October, the site has been significantly renovated with enhanced contents and functionality. The number of applications is expected to expand even further over time as developers will be given added incentives. At the website, developers can develop and share widgets and test their applications through Virtual Developer Lab (VDL) and Over-The-Air (OTA) downloads. Currently the website supports Java SDK and for widgets, it will support VDL, OTA downloads by the end of the year for compatible devices on the global market.

The LG Application Store’s beta launch coincides with the introduction at the end of July of the LG-GM730, the newest LG smartphone which has been showcased during CommunicAsia in Singapore last month.

To access the LG Application Store, users can either visit www.lgapplication.com and download applications to a computer or directly access the shop from LG-GM730 by flicking horizontally on the “Quick Key Box” at the bottom of the home screen and tapping the App icon. Feature phones from LG will be able to access the LG Application Store in the future.

The LG Application Store will remain in beta test stage until further notice.

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