LG Chocolate BL40's Little Brother Outed As BL42 Slider

Sure enough, that mysterious baby brick sitting next to the stretched-out BL40 is a direct descendant of the last generation of LG Chocolates, the BL42. The 3G slider is rumoured to have a 240x320 non-touch display and a 3-megapixel camera.

The alleged specs aren't much to get excited about, but make no mistake: this will be a popular phone. It's a proud grandson of the line's earliest models—with a slightly touchier front panel and (barely) tweaked styling—which sold about 3 million handsets worldwide, and continue to do well, despite being old, old, old. It's beanpole brother can take care of the innovating; lil' 42 can take care of the sales. No price or availability yet. [AllAboutPhones via Slashgear]

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