Lexar Media Crucial SSDs Will Force Some Speed Into Your Netbook

Well, we were impressed by Corsair's 240/170MB/s read/write speeds, but the new Crucial line tops it with a 250MB/s read and 200MB/s write. Even better, the Crucial SSDs are available right now.

The Crucial SSDs are available in the current standard of 64GB, 128GB and 256GB capacities at price points of $US170, $US330 and $US600, respectively. Those prices may seem outlandish if you've never browsed SSDs before, but they're actually pretty fair; Crucial is a respectable company and those prices are even a little below average prices at each capacity, regardless of the fact that they're among the fastest on the market. If you're looking to pump some speed into your netbook, and you've got enough money to do something silly like spend twice the price of your computer on one component, they're probably worth a look. [Press Release, Crucial Store]

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