iPhone Nano Confirmed In Apple Patent

A new Apple patent has revealed what many thought unthinkable: The fabled iPhone nano. Of course, patents don't always result in products, so don't hold your breath. The device is all screen, and it even has a virtual click wheel.

Why would you like to have an iPod-like click wheel when you have a touchscreen beats me. [MacNN]



    ah, iPhone. eventually the laziness of eating yesterday's leftover design pie will get them. hopefully.

    A logical argument as follows: try sliding your finger in a small space very quickly. Now try sliding your finger in the same amount of space but in a circular fashion. You will notice quite simply that circular sliding is more efficient as your finger does not leave the device and also you can create greater speed but more importantly create velocity so as your scroll can jump hundreds of entires quicker in the same small area.

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