Intel's X25-M G2 SSD Comes With A Shiny Silver Enclosure, Oh And An Up To 10% Improvement In Performance

We've talked about the Intel's X-series SSD drives, but now there are performance reviews to go along with the speculation about Intel's claims and they're not a complete letdown.

What's different? Intel is now using 16GB flash packages instead of 8GB packages, the DRAM size went up (yet clock speed went down?), and the black goo used over the prior generation's controller has been cleaned up.

All these changes boil down to no improvement on sequential read performance, a 7% improvement in sequential write performance, a 10% improvement in random read performance, and a whopping 40% increase in speed in random write performance.

Conclusion? The X25-M G2 seems like it lives up to Intel's bragging as it's about 0-40% faster than the last generation drive based on AnandTech's testing. This translates to an improvement of 0-10% in the real world. We were hoping for awesome improvement, but we're happy to have at least gotten some improvement. [AndandTech]

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