Inevitable Kindle 2 Knock Off Spotted In China

Finally, we have ourselves a proper Kindle 2 knockoff, courtesy of—who else?—the Chinese.

This fine specimen comes out way thanks to the hard, completely un-innovative efforts of one Peking University Founder, whose name is as perplexing and mysterious as this device's specs (there are few to speak of).

We do know that this will arrive in Japan by the end of 2009, and that the price tag will be about $US210. The device uses a cellular connection/SIM card for proprietary Apabi eBook downloads, which will display on a 6-in. screen.

Word to the wise should you happen to procure one of these knockoffs in the future: Don't read any of its inevitably pirated books while vacationing in France. [E-Ink Info via CrunchGear]

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