In The Future, Metroids Will Provide Our Internet

UK Internet provider TalkTalk asked a team from Goldsmiths, University of London to come up with some concept router designs focused around four areas: signal strength, energy efficiency, home design, and "pure enjoyment."

These are the four routers that spawned from the idea.

• The Route O'Clock concept will tell you how much bandwidth is available depending on the time of day (hence the clock design). • The Hybrid Router concept turns your router into a mid-century piece of furniture that puts aesthetics over functionality. • The energy saving router uses keyhooks to determine how many people are in the house. When there are no keys on the hook, it will shut itself down. • Last is the Jelly Fish router, pictured up top. That thing is meant to be a social hub of sorts, offering a link to the web from each of its eight tentacles, and using a fluorescent glow effect to denote signal strength. It's meant to be the focal point of a room. It also just looks amazing.

TalkTalk is currently conducting a poll to see which router is the fan favourite, and said they might consider producing which ever one takes the vote. [Gizmag]

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