Hungry Google Street View Driver Directs You To Local KFC

Google Street View see the Almighty, fights crime, and even does self-portraits. It's a busy, relentless lifestyle. I guess what I'm getting at is... dude gets hungry once in a while, and you're coming along for the ride.

Wait. What happened to West Pacheco? And how did Google Street View know I loved the Colonel's delicious fried chicken?!

And now the Street View driver is helping me park, all while continuing to screw with my directions by saying I'm still cruising peacefully down West Pachero.

Well, we're parked and ready for some finger lickin' goodness (and still "on" Pachero). Let's just hope no one actually uses Street View for, you know, legitimate directions—it's no wonder that people are "directed" of a cliff every now and again. [Google Street View - Thanks, Eric]

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