HP's Virtual Tech Museum Is Full Of Retromodo Goodness

hp-tech-museumIf you loved last week's timewarp back to Gizmodo '79, then you'll probably get a kick out of HP's Virtual Tech Museum, an online repository for users to share photos of their old gadgets. Plus, prizes!

Apparently the whole idea behind it is to try and inspire innovation by looking back at tech's history. Yeah, whatever you say HP: we know it's all about the gadget-porn. So far, there are heaps of pics of retro gadgets, like the Apple Newton, original iPods, minidisc players and old phones.

Being an HP promotion, they're also giving away a heap of HP related prizes for both the "oldest product entry" and "most compelling personal story". Not sure what that means, but if you're interested, you can enter over on the Virtual Tech Museum page.

And if you happen to upload any really cool old gadgets to the HP museum, send us a copy here at Giz so we can get all nostalgic.

[HP Virtual Tech Museum]

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