HP’s Mini 110 Linux-Based Netbook Now Available

HP’s Mini 110 Linux-Based Netbook Now Available
hp-mini-110-black-2-low-res-ttfnHP’s first Mini netbook to come running Linux – the Mini 110 – has landed in Australia for the bargain price of $499, although you’ll want to upgrade the storage on it pretty quickly.

The Mini 110 comes in two main iterations – the Linux powered version which comes with 16GB of flash storage, and the XP powered version with a 160GB HDD. Both have the latest Atom N280 1.66GHz processor, 1GB RAM and a 10.1-inch screen. However, the XP version will set you back $699 compared to the $499 for the Linux version.

The HD video card that we heard about with the US release seems to be an optional extra, as is a 6-cell battery and cases to match the three different available colours.

I love the fact that we’re starting to get 10-inch netbooks for under $500, but I do wish the Linux version had more than 16GB of storage. You’ll probably want to upgrade that as quickly as possible, I’d imagine.