Homemade Steadicam Costs About $24,990 Less Than The Real Thing

There are few things that make handheld video look more polished and professional than the use of a Steadicam. And this homemade version is seriously cheap to put together.

This contraption is actually a gimbal mount, using a skate bearing, three sections of PVC piping, some wood and some nuts and bolts. Compared to a real Steadicam, which can set you back $US25,000 and up, this is a pretty great setup. Just look at the video he shot with it below!

[YB2Normal via BBG via Gadget Lab]



    Pretty impressive!

    so where are the instructions on how to build this baby ?

      Just follow the links...
      (I'll make it easy ;) )


    Any reason you linked to the 1st version of this guys diy steadicam and not the four other newer versions he's made since?

    You can use usual mop with a hinge to make stadycam :)

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