Help Me Obi Wan, Here Is My Augmented Reality Business Card

Jonas Jäger has taken this whole augmented reality thing from oh-cute! status to holy-frack-that's-cool position. His business card will make the owner appear like a 3D hologram, displaying Twitter information in real time, plus all kinds of cool stuff.

Not surprisingly, according to Jonas, his inspiration for the Augmented Business Card was Star Wars:

While developing my concept it was very important to me that everybody should be able to create such a businesscard and present himself to the audience. Also i am a Star Wars fan and i liked the idea of displaying the person as a kind of "hologram" :)

The good news is that everyone in the galaxy—the Galaxy of Dorks—will be able to get this: The source code will be available soon on his website. [Toxin via Make]

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