Hangtime, The Dumbest iPhone App Of All

hangtime-appIf anybody anywhere actually pays money for this app, they need to seriously have their heads examined. For your $1.19 (US$0.99), you get an app that will give a readout from the accelerometer after you throw your iPhone in the air and then try and catch it.

Yes, that's right. Hangtime encourages you to throw your mobile phone, worth at least $719, into the air as high as you can, with the hope that you can catch it on the way back down.

And what do you get for such reckless pleasure? Why, you get a readout of the accelerometer data from the throw, including the time it was in the air to the number of throws you've completed. You can compare your best results with the top throws from other morons users around the globe.

That sounds totally worth it, doesn't it?

The app's one saving grace is the disclaimer:

"IMPORTANT NOTE: Use of this application can be dangerous; follow all safety procedures at all times. Make sure your iPhone is secured and protected from potential damage."

Well thank heavens for that! Now all I have to do is find an iPhone case capable of protecting my phone from the impact of being dropped from 20 metres. That shouldn't be too hard...

[I'd put a link in here, but I don't want to encourage anyone to buy such a stupid app... – Thanks Relics!]



    I am pretty sure that app is a joint effort between RIM, Palm and Nokia.

    Err, it's the best app ever, provided you find a bed of soft pillows or you do it in a giant zorb

    It looks pretty cool to me! I just purchased it thanks to this review.

    Sponsored by Sony Ericsson.

    Written by Sergey Brin?


    Points for creativity but... no.

    Not a bad idea for a snowboard app though, see how much air time u can get off jumps?

    Take your iPhone with you next time you're skydiving, and you'll be sure to get a good score, probably several minutes. If you really want the world record, you had better be an astronaut with a mission to the space station. How does a six month air time sound?

    Try Fall-o-meter. No need to throw the phone, just spit...

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