Google Plans Three More Android Updates This Year

Google Plans <em>Three</em> More Android Updates This Year

Official word about Android’s 2009 roadmap has been handed down, and it contradicts the early scuttlebutt: the mobile OS will get not two, but three updates by 2010, each named for a slightly more esoteric dessert than the last.

As we’ve known for a while, the next big update will be called Donut. This will be followed by Eclair, then finally, Flan.

Not that this nonsensical naming convention has any bearing on the substance of the updates, but I can forsee having a tough time getting too hyped up about Flandroid, or for that matter whatever comes next. Android 2.5 Brûlée? 3.0 Treacle Tart? 3.5 Amaretto Sorbet? Forget Linux—I’m hungry. [InformationWeek]