Foxconn's CEO Supposedly Under Tax Evasion Investigation By IRS?

Foxconn, otherwise known as the company responsible for the iPhone suicide, supposedly just had their CEO fingered by the IRS for tax evasion. Up to $US1.49 billion worth. But it's not so simple.

The accusation that the CEO was under tax evasion investigations came from a former reporter for a Chinese magazine. The accusation was made on her personal blog, and was then denied by Foxconn (whose parent company is Hon Hai) as "a bunch of nonsense." There may be a reason to believe them.

These charges do seem a bit strange when you look at them for more than 10 seconds. The woman claims that the IRS demands the (up to) $US1.49 billion worth be paid up, plus a fine of up to three times that amount. And it gets even stranger when you consider that the same reporter was found guilty of blackmailing the CEO for $US1 million, and was sentenced to a year and ten months. [Chinapost - Thanks Ben!]

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