Dell Forced To Honour Accidental $US15 Monitor Listing

Dell Taiwan accidentally priced one 19-inch monitor, normally costing around $US150, at only $US15, and received a whopping 140,000 orders within the 8 hours it was live. Now, the Taiwanese government is forcing them to honour the sales.

This kind of thing isn't too uncommon, and normally a company like Dell would either honour the price (if relatively few orders were placed) or offer some kind of discount, so as not to, you know, go out of business. But the Taiwanese government is now saying Dell must honour all 140,000 orders or face prosecution for violation of fair trade laws (and no, we have no idea what fair trade has to do with this situation).

Dell has apologised and says it will compensate buyers for the mistake, but they probably mean some sort of discount instead of a loss of millions of dollars. [Channel Register via The Raw Feed]

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