Clean, White OLED Light Coming To An Office Park Near You

White, environmentally sound and cool to the touch OLED lights could very well be the future of mundane office environment lighting, but for now they're just meant to be man handled by four geeks at a table.

Still, Office Space comparisons aside, for me the simple dimming of the four-square OLED, and the fact that these lights won't rape and pillage the environment like those nasty mercury-containing fluorescents we see everywhere today, were cool enough to warrant the wait.

Unfortunately, just like OLED HDTV screens, these lights are starting small and expensive (the prototype shown here is just 24-inches). Hopefully the $US2 million Department of Energy grant awarded to manufacturer UDC in July 2008 (it's their prototype) will hasten the process, if only slightly. [YouTube via OLED Info]

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