Chinese Paper Reports iPhone Worker Not Tortured, Told Foxconn To Search His House

The New Yorker reports Chinese paper Southern Daily claims they've seen surveillance footage of Sun Danyong's interrogation by Foxconn, which show that he wasn't locked up or tortured. It also says that Sun told Foxconn to search his house.

The latter report is the more interesting of the two, for the glimpse it gives into Foxconn's corporate culture: When Foxconn security manager Gu Qinming interviewed Sun, he says that Sun initially blamed the missing phone on a female colleague, provoking Gu to poke him in the shoulder and ask, "Are you a man?"

According to Gu, it was Sun who suggested that Foxconn search his house, to prove his innocence. Which almost sounds reasonable, insofar as Gu thought Sun was both incompetent and a liar—what else could Sun have done?

Granted, this is coming from the guy who interrogated and may have tortured Sun Danyong before his death and works for a company so secretive it might have driven a man to suicide over a phone. [The New Yorker]

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