Cellar iPhone App Lets You Organise Your Wine Collection

Cellar iPhone App Lets You Organise Your Wine Collection
1-cellar-fullWhat is it with Aussies and boozy iPhone apps? Designed by Aussie company Glasshouse Apps, Cellar is a really swish way of categorising and organising your wine cellar.

Rather than just listing the various wines in your collection, Cellar lets you customise the type of bottle each wine uses, including letting you photograph the label for your virtual bottle. Once you’ve customised the bottle, you can input the wine’s details, including a star rating and notes to go alongside it.

But where the app really becomes useful is after you’ve drunk the last bottle of a specific wine. You then move the empty bottle to a virtual garage, which lets you keep all the info about the wine stored on your iPhone. If you end up buying the same wine again, you simply go to your garage and tell it you’ve bought the wine again, and it’ll move back to the cellar.

If you’re not a wine drinker, that probably doesn’t sound too appealing. And even if you are, it probably doesn’t sound too revolutionary. But it’s a nicely designed app, and for a launch price of $1.19, it’s totally worth it, especially if you’re a member of a wine club and want to keep all your wine info together and easily accessible.

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