Carbon Fibre Electric Bike Drives Batman Environmentally Conscious

Really Batman, jet-fueled cars in 2009? That's not eco-friendly. But don't worry, there's an alternative to your old, wasteful ways. Because not only does the Sanyo Eneloop carbon fibre electric bike come in black—it only comes in black.

Weighing in at 19kg (still way heavy compared to most bikes, let alone peak gear) and charging in 3.5 hours, Sanyo's CY-SPK227 electric bike (the first carbon fibre model in the world) achieves 62 miles of assisted motor range through an integrated lithium ion battery and dynamo-based recharging that kicks in whenever you cruise downhill or brake.

Of course, all of this fancy blacknerness comes at a price: $US6,700 when it hits Japan October 1st. For that much, we might prefer to indulge in a full-out electric motorcycle. But if Batman chooses to chase down the Riddler on this thing just so he has a change at shacking up with Poison Ivy and her posse of Greenpeace sidewalk solicitors, so be it. [Sanyo via CrunchGear]

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