Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Wednesday Night

Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Wednesday Night

Rumour: Acer Will Launch Their Android Phone In September
Looks like we’re going to see a lot of Android phones launching soon. Awesome.

Bill Gates: Project Natal Tech Isn’t Just For Gaming
Sure, it’s not just for gaming. But browsing your music won’t be as satisfying as hacking away at a zombie.

Bang And Olufsen BeoTime Alarm Clock Caters To Flute Enthusiasts, The Rich
Who actually buys this stuff? Can you lend me a million dollars?

Logitech’s New PS3 Drums: High Quality, High Price
Rock on!

Confirmed: ITunes 8.2.1 Breaks Pre Syncing
It was always going to happen.

Microsoft Opening Retail Stores Right Next To Apple Stores
I somehow don't think it will have the same effect...