Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Thursday Night

HTC Click: Budget Android Rumours Start To Congeal With New Photo, Possible Price I wonder how much time they spend coming up with names for phones?

New iPod Touch And iPod Nano Features Uncovered What, is it iPod rumour time again already?

Automotive Pool Table Would Make For An Interesting Driving Experience I'm not too big on cars, but I must own one of these...

Perspective On The iPhone Suicide: Guy Died Over A F*&#ing PHONE Definitely worth a read.

Sony Finally Popping 400-Disc Blu-ray MegaChanger (So Don’t Toss Your DVDs Yet) Even if I had 400 Blu-ray discs, I don't think I'd use a 400 disc changer...

Bill Gates, Guest Writer, Reflects On Microsoft 1979 This has made my day. Bill Gates got so nostalgix with Gizmodo '79 last week that he actually thought he'd send in his memories from that year to Giz. So awesome!

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