Blu-ray Sales Up 91 Awesome Percent

Blu-ray disc sales are up 91 percent so far this year, with player sales up 25 percent, so that there's around 11 million Blu-ray players in the US, including PS3s. What up haters??? Right? Right?

Well, at least half of those 11 million Blu-ray players are PS3s, which had a US install base of 5.7 million in December, meaning slightly less than half are standalone players. Nearly 75 percent of units are BD-Live compatible. Lopping off the 50 percent that are PS3s, that means roughly half of the standalone players in the US are BD-Live players, so they're relatively recent purchases.

More to the point, that means a lot of them are Blu-ray players that do a lot more than Blu-ray, like Netflix—not to mention the PS3. So Blu-ray numbers might be up, but it's on the backs of people who have short attention spans and post-$US199 players, which is exactly what Blu-ray's backers didn't want.

Oh yeah, DVD? Five million players sold in the second quarter of 2009. As in three months ago.

You win some, you lose some. Ask HD DVD. [Electronic House]

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