Naked Erin Andrews Video May Be Trojan Horse For Mac And PC

If you are hunting down Erin Andrews' naked peephole video and you are a dummy, beware: It may be a trick to get you to install a trojan horse, disguised as a video player.

The bad guys have released a file that requires you to install a custom video player, which is in fact a Mal/EncPk-IF malware—for PCs—or a OSX/Jahlav-C trojan horse—for Macs. Then again, if you believe that any video file requires a custom video player, you probably should get this and many other viruses. And some nasty bacteria too.

In case you are not a sports follower—like me—or don't know who the hell Erin Andrews is—like me—or don't find her sexy at all—like me—here's a CBS program talking about it:

[PPC World]

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