Beer-in-a-Box Coming To Non-Discriminating Refrigerators This Fall

Get excited, America! Because as of this fall, you'll be able to consume cheap, watered-down swill out of a box. The future of beer consumption is now!

The $US20, 1.5-gallon (5.7 Litres) boxes of beer are designed for the paradoxical beer drinkers who prefer their beer to come from the tap but also don't care if said beer is actually good. They're currently testing boxes of Miller Lite and Coors Lite in a few cities and will expand it to nationwide this football season if all goes well.

And for those of you too lazy to do the math, 1.5 gallons is equal to 16 bottles. So you'll be paying $US1.25 per bottle for your shit beer, which is more expensive than buying a 12-pack of bottles.

But hell, boxes classed wine up, so why not beer too? Boxes are just so refined. [WSJ via Gawker; Pic]

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