Bang And Olufsen BeoTime Alarm Clock Caters To Fluters, The Rich

When Bang and Olufsen tackles a new type of device, they do it in a very specific way: oddly, stylishly, and with reckless disregard for cost. Exhibit F: The $US375 BeoTime, a flute-like, accelerometer-equipped wireless alarm clock.

Tied to the broader range of Beo home theatre product, the BeoTime is a bit minimalist, even by B&O's standards—it's basically a stylised aluminium stick. But, as I'm sure the salesmen will be eager to tell you, it does so much more than an aluminium stick! On top of telling time, it can wireless switch B&O audio and video products on and off with alarms or sleep timers. Menus are navigated with the large centre button, the snooze switch is the device's accelerometer, which triggers when the device is moved, and the alarm can be totally disabled by depressing the metal plunger protruding from the device's end. Time, alarm time and alarm source info are displayed on a set of low-res panels.

It's a bit disappointing to find out that a $US375 single-function device is powered by AA batteries (included!), but Bang and Olufsen says each set will last a year. Besides, if you're wealthy enough to own the full battery of B&O equipment necessary to fully take advantage of the BeoTime, you've probably got some manner of battery-changing servant. Available in August. [Bang and Olufsen]

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