Ballmer Goes Nuts Again, Confused As To What Type Of Venue He's At

Steve Ballmer loves to play a lot of roles at Microsoft, and one that he takes great pleasure in is being a cheerleader to everyone who reports to someone who reports to someone under him. This ain't the right way.

In what's a very awkward ending to what seemed like a relatively calm interview, Ballmer bolts up goes into a crazy shout-fest, trying to excite the audience. Other than the fact that this should have been done at the start of the interview, the whole thing just seems inappropriate for the venue he's at. The best part is the end, where it seems like (the tape ends there) he just bolts off the stage without saying goodbye or thanking the interviewer.

Not to shit on Ballmer more than we already have, but man, is he a horrible public speaker. If Microsoft wants to revamp their image, it starts from the top. [WPC09]

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